Retail Woes 1

So few things to get off my chest in the revival of my series of Retail Woes.

First Off.. Loyalty Cards

So where I work, we have loyalty/discount cards where their use allows saving money. But they also allow certain perks if you enable them when signing up. This includes check cashing…

Now, if you have check cashing privileges, you want to be doubly sure we can read your card number or your bar-code on the card, if we can’t we may not be able to put in the card right, and it wouldn’t be our fault, you would’ve been the one to let your card get that worn.
So if I or another person puts your number in wrong then procedes to tell you after a time when told you’re doing a check, and the number does not have check cashing/writing privileges, THAT’S NOT MY FAULT, I CAN’T READ YOUR CARD. So don’t get pissy with me, when its your card that is worn enough that we have errors inputting it.

Second, Coupons

While I appreciate coupons, they are sometimes a necessary evil when it comes to retail companies. I for one do not like having to do 50 coupons on 1 order, while I have 4 other people behind you getting pissed off for your persistence. Grocery stores are meant as a grocery stores, not as bulk warehouses or a place to get a bunch of something. If you get a cartful or more of w/e, you’re getting too much fucking stuff. And it annoys every damn cashier you do it to, we’re just not allowed to say it to your face.